Sunday, October 14, 2007

New Work on the Way

I'm going to hold off on any new work posts up untill my Thesis show reception. I would like to keep a little bit of mystery of just what I am bringing to the show. I have 3 new pieces since the semester began and plan on having at least 3 more before the show goes up around the 3rd and 4th of November. One of the new 3 is in the post prior to this one.
I expect to have 15 at least to draw from to put into my show.

Grad school app preparations are being made and I am excited.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

It has been a while

A lot has happened, so there has been a gap in my updates lately. My studio space migrated back into one space, which was probably the hardest and longest process it could have possibly been. I had to basically take out all unnecessary material and shove it into my car. It all still remains within the car, and I have nowhere to really put it yet.
After this I had to construct a storage space above my studio to hold all my old paintings. I spent days assembling 2x4's above my space.
This then followed by me waiting for the shop to open up so I could actually start constructing new surfaces to paint upon. Unfortunately the shop only opened about 2 weeks ago.
So the downtime has been a bit unexpected, but I suppose it was necessary to have some sort of break even though I didn't want it. I miss the double studio, and there are open spaces, but after all I went through it seems too much effort to move into a double somehow regardless of how much I deserve one.

Here are some views of my new space that I have to deal with now. On the left wall you will see small paintings from the summer and sheets of colors from a hardware store.
You will also see the structure I have built above the space to allow me to store past paintings on. Lamps are wrapped around those 2x4's running across as well, to provide light since I am basically in a cave with what is above me.
There are also two new pieces in this that are pretty hard to see due to my limited space. The largest one is pretty much my entire back wall, 8 x 7 1/2 feet in size. The other is just an 8 x 4 ft, which I may add on to I think.
(no names have been assigned to these two new large scale works)

Pardon the shadows, these shots are very brutal considering where I have to work now. Better shots will come of these when I get them in a proper space.