Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanks Giving

I believe I have around 10 of 20 videos done for my application, which is cool. I'm debating whether to post them or not as I'm pretty vulnerable in them. I'm not sure I even plan on watching them myself truthfully. I probably will when they are finished though. They are going to result in something really different in my work happening, I know that much.
Went and saw the Columbia Uni Open House recently, many amazing artists and work there. The faculty and students are so genuine and kind, makes me really want to attend the school.
I am meeting with Milan of Mobius in Boston soon I think. Meeting him about the collective and to talk about my work. I've never met him before, but decided it was time to make some efforts in art world communication.
Planning some collaborations as always. They are in the realm of women's roles, gardens, and possibly returning to some oil painting. A collage/drawing/painting is currently in progress but it is in some hibernation like a few other things I have going.
I require a new computer to continue heading in the direction I am going with art.