Saturday, November 17, 2007

Thesis Show and New Work

From the general beginning to the end:

(some might be blurry, apologies ^^)

(Albert E. Gray)

(triptych in progress before the show)

Painting titled: "Lungs" 8x8 1/2 feet, oils and latex

"Fresh Breath" 8x7 1/2 feet

Better shots of the new pieces (even better ones should come later)

"The Breaks" (2ftx4ftx4in "each 2ftx2ftx4in)
Stretch your screen, or right click open in new window to view this completely

"My Eyes!" (4ftx4ftx4in "each 2ftx4ftx4in)

The two large pieces above (Fresh Breath, and Lungs) are the best quality images I have of them right now. There are still two new pieces I have yet to take head on photos of. A red piece titled "We Created a Universe", and another one yet to be titled, both are 2x2ftx4inch.
Expect more to come as this semester has yet to end, and I am off today to buy new surfaces. So far I have created 6 new pieces in this semester. Ideally I would like to make 2-4 more before the end. Also expect to see an old painting revisited on single panel (All Hail the Above).