Sunday, December 30, 2007

Quick Update

Times have been pretty intense, finals, car got hit twice, applying for Graduate School, driving home to Ohio (13 or 14 hours), etc. So I am finally getting the time to do an update.
Finals are pretty much done with the exception of some Web Authoring.

I built 22 new surfaces before the semester ended and shot 16 new photos of my work for applications.
Applications for grad are just about finished, essays and resume are done. When I get back I will assemble it with applications and photos, bringing everything together to finally be mailed.

I finished one of the 22 before I left, I don't have the photo of it to post though
It may require more work when I get back though, who knows
All 22 though will work together on one wall in some way. Either in 8x4 ft format or in a completely random way.
Each piece will be an individual painting though with their own titles, then all of them together as one piece, will have another title.

After I take a Winter Session science class all my credits will be finished. Next semester will simply be for fun up until graduation. 12 credit semester.

Diaphragm Explosions and Olde Potions (contd from "Thesis Show and New Work")

"Fresh Breath"
8 x 71/2 ft
Oils and Latex

8 x 8 1/2 ft
Oils and Latex

Albert Gray, Bradford Rusick, Nicole Reid, John Poland
"Diaphragm Explosions and Olde Potions"

Window display for our show, painted by Albert Gray, Nicole Reid, and Bradford Rusick

What work wasn't shown was hung in my studio space just before the opening.

Resume Updated

Bradford Rusick
6 Pearl Street
Salem, MA 01970


“19th Annual Student Exhibit”
Copley Society of Art, Boston MA

“NHIA Biennial”
New Hampshire Institute of Art, Manchester NH

“Diaphragm Explosions and Olde Potions”, Thesis Show,
Montserrat College of Art, Beverly MA

“Restricted Access” Ball Point Show
The Bear Gallery, Beverly MA

“Human Show”
Montserrat College of Art, Beverly MA

“Human Show”
Montserrat College of Art, Beverly MA

“Prime Time” Summer Members Show
Copley Society of Art, Boston MA

“17th Annual Student Exhibit”
Copley Society of Art, Boston MA

Montserrat College of Art, Beverly MA

“Magic Show”
Montserrat College of Art, Beverly MA



297 Cabot, Beverly MA

“Michelle’s”, Beverly MA

294 Cabot, Beverly MA

Dane Street Beach, Beverly MA

“Universe/Planet Creator”, 301 Cabot, Beverly MA

“10 Recording Devices”, Various Boston Locations

“7 Environmental Paintings”, Various Beverly Locations

North Station/Green Line Station, Boston MA
Central Red Line Station/Pearl Street, Boston MA
Charles/MGH Red Line Station, Boston MA
“Romancing Boston” Boston Commons, Boston MA

“Flower Pots” Arlington, Boston MA
Canal Street, Boston MA
Arlington, Boston MA
Newbury Street, Boston MA

Harvard Square, Boston MA

“1st Recording Device” Harvard Square, Boston MA

2007- George Gabin Prize for Excellence in Painting- Scholarship
2005- Magic Show- Best of Show

Curator: “Say Farewell” Juried Exhibition, The Bear Gallery, Beverly MA
Co-Curator: “Diaphragm Explosions and Olde Potions”, Thesis Show, Montserrat College of Art, Beverly MA

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Concentration: Painting, Spring 2008

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Thesis Show and New Work

From the general beginning to the end:

(some might be blurry, apologies ^^)

(Albert E. Gray)

(triptych in progress before the show)

Painting titled: "Lungs" 8x8 1/2 feet, oils and latex

"Fresh Breath" 8x7 1/2 feet

Better shots of the new pieces (even better ones should come later)

"The Breaks" (2ftx4ftx4in "each 2ftx2ftx4in)
Stretch your screen, or right click open in new window to view this completely

"My Eyes!" (4ftx4ftx4in "each 2ftx4ftx4in)

The two large pieces above (Fresh Breath, and Lungs) are the best quality images I have of them right now. There are still two new pieces I have yet to take head on photos of. A red piece titled "We Created a Universe", and another one yet to be titled, both are 2x2ftx4inch.
Expect more to come as this semester has yet to end, and I am off today to buy new surfaces. So far I have created 6 new pieces in this semester. Ideally I would like to make 2-4 more before the end. Also expect to see an old painting revisited on single panel (All Hail the Above).