Sunday, November 16, 2008


"Lifeless Arousal"
4 x 4 ft x 5 inches
Oils, spray paint, markers, collage

Gonna try details (where we can see why this site needs a scroll side to side feature)


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Again In Progress (I think)

Not sure if this is done. I still need to fix the back of it so I can hang it flush to really get a good look of it

"Lifeless Arousal"
4 x 4 ft x 5 inches
Oils, spray paint, markers, collage

Again I'll get a better photo when it's daytime. Work doesn't really allow much daylight in my life unfortunately

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Updated and In Progress

Done I think

New piece I'm working on, far from finished

Sunday, November 2, 2008

New along with a new Artist Statement

A favorite piece that I finished a night or two ago

"Gotta Stay In Shape"
12 x 32 x 4"
Oils, acrylic, marker, collage

Starting to get ready for grad applications again

I don't talk often in these entries, but I thought I would post a new statement I am pretty proud of

In my paintings I create a world encompassing pop culture and personal ancestry. In the contemporary world we as individuals are inundated by information, text, and imagery. Some of this media sticks with the consumer and some ends up forgotten, lost without much of an afterthought. Each painting serves almost on a documentary basis, pulling from ads and visual/auditory encounters that more often than not, stay with me because of boundaries of taste being pushed to new limits.

Identity and purpose are two major themes in my work. My resources from culture are always used with consideration for their place in our world, how I see them and how they are interpreted. How far I exploit text, medium, and image varies from each work to the next, furthering it’s own identity or completely abandoning it. There is much fascination for me in the unrecognizable identity as well, which then takes on a life of it’s own dependant on the viewers own history and education through life. Examples branching from these main ideas include language, societal roles, medium, and scale. All of it revolves around the every day life, the appreciation or depreciation of what we consume.