Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


This is about 29 x 34. I'll get a better photo later when it's not night and I have some daylight.
Deciding on whether to do a background color too.

"Zombie Jeff Koons"
Charcoal and acrylic

Also expect some of the old images on this blog to start disappearing. My host is running out of bandwidth and I think I need to delete my old work from school.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


My facebook friend requests are getting more results due to school being back in session. I've had about 4 since last week. A few have started asking me questions and talking to me as well, so that is a plus. (I wait for them to initiate)

I'm submitting soon to a show in New Jersey being curated by one of the curators of MOMA.
Wrote my Yale statement, think it's done. Gotta do Columbia, Chicago, and maybe one or two more from the UK.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Collage done?

Think this is done. I'll get a better shot of it tomorrow in daylight rather than the bright light right above it.

Performance in Boston


Conductor serenades me the Tigger song

One of many families to take photos with me

Boston Commons

Harvard Square

This performance piece was about and became about many things and many aspects of human interaction. Mainly I wanted to call attention or appreciation for the impact all of us have on one another just in passing every day, big or small. In dressing as Tigger I will have impacted every person I pass in many different ways. Even if they have no reaction whatsoever, my presence will have an impact on the rest of their day, the rest of the week, or the rest of their life. After all, human beings are 99.9% the same. The only thing that separates us from one another is our experiences, it makes us who we are.
In this performance my identity will also cease to exist and I will only be known for my iconic representation. My hands and feet still exist which creates a bridge between the character and who I am (a part of my character is still human). It was my human connection as well to the people who let me put my arms on their shoulders or hug them. In a world in which trust is hard to come by and everyone fears for their children I ended up being embraced and welcomed by tons of families the entire day. Not only children were running up to me either, but adults as well. I could hear people screaming for me all the way down the length of Newbury Street. Phone conversations and art discussions automatically switched as I came into view. Laughter and yelling was heard as I passed any restaurant. I was kind of surprised by the amount of kids running up to me, but it was foolish to think that wouldn't happen I guess. Mainly my intention was just to move through the city with reactions but not so many photo ops all over the place. Also I was invited a few times to random events like a car bash at MIT and to dance at a punk show on Mass Ave. Didn't go though, thought it would change the piece too much and it wasn't planned to happen at all.
Documentation really doesn't matter for this piece and only serves as a record of the existence that this happened. What is the main focus is purely the interaction that happened. Relational art if you will!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

New Collage in Progress

Trying some new things on this one. This piece isn't entirely flat and uses appropriated imagery from a few prints that I got from work:

Writing some new statements recently which I'll post soon!