Sunday, March 27, 2011

"I Can Go The Distance"
Acrylic, ink, collage

Sort of unfinished because I want to add block letters above and below. Done otherwise though.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Work In Progress Continued

Piece on the floor in the last entry! Colors aren't quite right, but I'll get better pictures in the daytime. Again this is unfinished

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Works In Progress- 3

On the wall is a collaboration in progress with Sara Santarsiero, the bedroom floor shot is a piece in progress for Aaron Berger's Thesis Project, last one is a piece that has been in progress for almost a year now.

Tigger Affect - long overdue video

Long overdue piece I did in the Tigger suit years ago.

Tigger Affect

Sharing my bed time story - Video

A few months ago I installed this piece. I recreated my bed from home and had my mom send me a recording of herself from Ohio (along with all my bedding and some stuffed animals), as if she were reading to me. Her reading stories was a big part of my childhood and I decided to share it.

The book is Treasure Island

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Japan Fundraiser

Working to put on a local art show/fundraiser for Japan.

See the deets here:

Also am going to be underway on a new piece for Aaron Berger based on the distance from which I came to arrive in Massachusetts!
Expect to see it soon.
Some videos from previously unseen work will be arriving online soon too! Figured out some file conversions finally that have been necessary in editing/uploading them.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Artist Statement of Sorts

I've begun to realize for myself that my work has been getting more specific. Regardless of how many mediums I use, they revolve around very similar ideas.

The collage and words with friends lately have helped me pinpoint a lot of what my work is about.
Women have always played a large role in my work. I've always attempted to explain this but I've never been able to explain in a way that has ever been satisfying for myself and certainly not for others.
The work has to do with my upbringing, being a heterosexual male, and dealing with a history of violence against women in my life.
There was a part of this too that was been brought up most recently. Lindsey Mason told me I had a complex related to women. Much like someone would have a complex like OCD. Which is an interesting statement to make and something I found to be really profound. Something I want to think further on.
The collage/paintings I make now are multi faceted. They're idealistic views of women from magazines yes, and they are chosen based upon this history of mine within these major themes of upbringing, abuse, and sexuality.

Performance and facilitating, the other part of my art making that has become important to me. A lot of the performance I do relates to the above statement about my paintings as well. There are very few that cannot be connected to the rest of my work.
There is an idealism within the performance as well. Ideas of utopia, peace, growth, and impacts on history an artist can make upon a bystander.

I think both of these aspects of my work will become more and more connected. In fact they may already be unified and I just haven't found a way to express that yet. It is coming though. I am excited by new thoughts and ideas I have now.