Friday, October 16, 2009

Video Work

So I'm currently assembling a portfolio for graduate school and I am only applying to one school for the 2010 fall term. Through my practice I have arrived at an interesting point in the way I create and consider art. Graduate schools you see require the traditional "Artist Statement" accompanied by the usual amount of slides or video. Due to who I am and how I work I have come to the realization that the written word creates too much of a barrier for the genuine quality I want to represent (maybe that's why I post so little written explanation here). I have embarked on a series of videos that will detail very honestly who I am, and how I exist in this contemporary world. I am limited to a 5 minute requirement as stipulated, so I will just chop of excess time, I do not wish to edit the video in any other way. My entire practice has led up to this moment and I feel this is going to be an important video series that I create for myself. Each video is an honest representation of the experiences through my entire life to that moment and a more immediate result of what has occurred in the time leading up to the recording that day. I also am doing this with the understanding that the recording is not entirely honest either but it is as close as I can get within submitting a digital portfolio.
As an example I recorded today but my camera died at some point during the conversation with the camera. I do not know what was recorded but I am okay with that. This will influence the next video in some way I am sure. I haven't reviewed anything I've recorded yet but if I do that will also come into play in the series.
This series will be 20 videos in a 5 minute time frame no matter what. However as the series evolves who knows if I will reach 20 or not. Currently there are 2 pieces out of 20 in existence.
I could write about this endlessly probably, but I choose not to for right now.

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Bea Modisett said...

Hey Bradford,
So instead of an artist statement you will be submitting a video? And then the portfolio will all be video as well?
I'm intrigued.
What program are you applying to this year.