Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Computer Up and running

I finally got a new computer running for the most part (still kinks to work out).
Here's some stuff going on.

Using a brush again tentatively for the first time in maybe a little over a year. Strange but true. Especially to be using oils. So far so good, I expect it to get pretty crazy in due time (still early in process). There's crayon, graphite, oils, ink, and construction paper involved so far.
Not really sure what to make of it so far, and can't really say I know what I'm doing, but that is what's exciting about it right now for me probably.
I've been pretty inspired by psychedelic imagery lately.

Very old collage (w/ ink) that's just been sorta sitting for a few months. One of the stagnant art pieces I have that's very unfinished. Not sure when I'll go back into it or what I'll do to it.

New finished drawing/collage with Allie Hornak. Made about a month ago. Using a lot of shape to it, a bit more than the drawing in the last post that was shown in Boston.

I'll get better photos of these in due time.

Also I have an installation/show collab coming up for Mid April with Allie Hornak, Mike Meador, and George Dietz. Stay tuned.


Aaron M Berger said...

great to see you painting with oils and brushes. keep it up.

Kyle. said...

I truly love where this new painting is headed.