Saturday, June 23, 2012

Been a bit, reworked this and it might be finished...

Working on some new shows too so stay tuned

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Aaron Berger said...

I don't know about that gradient background. First time i saw this painting everything looked floaty, you've seem to have tackled that problem pretty well here. the background still irks me but that's probably because it's not what i'm use to.

The imagery gives an interesting spring sensation. I'm happy you're not taking stuff out of vogue anymore.

It's difficult to put all of your paintings together to get a coherent idea. Though that might just be me trying to make these paintings something their not. I like my paintings like I like my TV Dramas; heavily serialized with rewards for continuing watching. But maybe you just have some great stand alone episodes (if you'll allow me to continue the metaphor) here that aren't suppose to be stringed together.

whatever the case i'm glad you're painting and look forward to seeing more.