Monday, April 28, 2008

The Final 18 (more images to come later)

Here are the final 18 pieces which I finished last week

Series titled: Welcome to My Bedroom
Series Alternately Titled: Sentimentalist Explosion

All of these were made with a varied combination of latex, oils, and collage (pattern paper, acetate)

Here is an image of the entire wall. It's a smaller version of the original of course. You'll see each piece interacts with one another as usual and I have hung them in various ways. Sometimes they are in groups, sometimes more solitary than others.

I have many more images of these works, I just have yet to edit them... so expect more soon!

Here are the 18 individuals receiving each one

Joe Dupell "Erroneous"
Masako Kamiya "The Burning Giraffe"
Chelsea Sams "My Skulls For You"
Jessica Lewis "Singing Lions Bring Strangers Together"
Thorpe "Parachutes"
Rose Olson "The Color Goddess"
Caroline Bagenal "Let's Go Fly With Caroline"
Allie Hornak "Everything Happens for A Reason"
Jake Thomas "Rainbow Moons, Strawberry Sunshine, and Fluffy Bunnies"
Kate St. Cyr "Sibling Bottom" Alternately "Girl Brights"
Lindsey Mason "Sibling Top" Alternatively "Girl Earths"
Rich Dolan "The Boy and His Brother"
Wilbur Blair "Cotton Sweets, Cotton Dreams"
Marjorie Augenbraum "Spinning Out of Control"
Scott Mooney "Kimora Wolf"
Justin Gagne "Helvetica is Watching!"
Pamela Rusick (my mom) "Why Won't My Son Paint My Cats for Me?"
George Thompson "I'm Pretty Sure She's Having Sex With The Horse Under that Blanket"

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