Monday, July 16, 2007


I have finished up two recent paintings and the drawing seen below, should be posted soon (when I get proper weather to take slides). I've embarked on another 4x4 foot painting, a new large drawing, and have three other panels sitting to the right in my studio waiting for when I get some more ideas. Other than that one last panel sits in the back for whenever I finish the 4 in the studio.
After completing the recent paintings and drawing though I've taken a bit of a break, and have started in on the two new works slowly. (finishing 3 works at once has to be the best feeling ever) It also doesn't help that I used the last of my medium today and have little to no money to spend on a new bottle. Since recovering from sickness and injury I have been working just about every day which has been nice but I need to slow down once in a while to rest my brain. My total since summer began is around 5 paintings so far and two large scale drawings. About 2 pieces for every two weeks, which isn't bad considering I was on downtime for a little over two weeks.
Submission is coming up for the "Equanox" show and I just recently completed the third entry. So I am pretty excited to submit to another non student juried exhibition per usual.
Expect to maybe see some other mediums soon that I may be playing around with for fun, inks, construction paper, etc.

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