Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Update, 2 Recent, 1 Old (better photo)

"Horizon Failure"
4x4 ft x 4 in

I decided with this recent painting that I was going to try some smaller detail, or smaller strokes if you will. Unfortunately photo hosts shrink down images naturally, so I took some close in shots in order to see detail and the color shifts that are otherwise undetectable in the photo above. This also gives a sense of paint application as well.

Detail Views:

(color is kind of off in this last detail)

New Drawing/Old Drawing (better photo):

"Men are the Perverse"

The above is large scale, pardon the drawing that is obviously hung behind it. Eventually I will get full shots of these spread out hopefully on a clean white wall.

Then the old

More straight on, also another shot of this needs to be taken in a better environment as well. These drawings are so large that there is really no good place to take photos of them. The paintings are much less fragile and therefor easier to transport to a location where I can take some good slides/photos.

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